It’s better to have a partner than go it alone.  Share the work, share the wealth. – Ecclesiastes 4:9

Home Groups connect us with great friends.  Our Home Groups study the Bible, pray for one another, and simply share life together.
We have groups for married couples, men, and women, single people, college students, and young adults.  We also offer groups with a specialized focus (i.e., widows, couples with struggling marriages, caring for aging parents, “Jesus 101” for new believers or those who are seeking to build a solid foundation of Biblical understanding, etc…). Childcare is available for some groups and is handled on a group-by-group basis.
We’ll help you find a group that fits your schedule.  Either stop by the Connect Desk on a Sunday and someone will help you get connected, OR click the link below to sign up online (be sure to follow the two-step directions listed at the top of the online sign-up page).  Once you sign up, you’ll be contacted by a group leader who will answer any questions you may have about the group and provide you with any specific details you may need to know.
To find out more, stop by the Connect Desk on a Sunday, or if you have any questions, text us at 770-766-9992.

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