Real Blessings  

We throw the word “blessed” around a lot…we live in a #blessed world.  But when we say “blessed,” we usually mean something small and inconsequential in the long run.  We get a good parking spot, all the lights are green on our way to work, etc.  We are so “blessed.”

The Bible speaks of a different kind of “blessed.”  God tells us that by knowing Jesus, we can be spiritually blessed.  That means we can experience blessings much deeper, and longer lasting, than our circumstances. 

Join us on Sunday mornings at 9:30 or 11:15 as we explore what real blessings are & how we can live in light of them.

If you’ve never been to His Hands, find out about what’s going on by clicking through the links below.  Most of all, know that you will be loved and accepted here.

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We're located at 550 Molly Lane next to Lowe's at 575 & 92 (Exit 7 on 575)