Elementary Kids

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a mustard seed planted in a field. It is the smallest of all seeds, but it becomes the largest of garden plants; it grows into a tree, and birds come and make nests in its branches. – Matthew 13:31-32

We believe children are small, but mighty.  At His Hands, we create incredible environments that inspire kids to grow into the amazing people God created them to become.

Each Sunday, our kids have an unbelievable time with music, games, crafts, and teaching.  We believe that fun is a language every child speaks fluently, so it’s our passion to make everything fun.  Whether your kids are playing on our state-of-the-art indoor playground, spending time in small groups making friends, or listening to an engaging lesson, they will be loved and cared for greatly.

Elementary students fall into two categories on Sundays.  K-3rd graders are in “The Grove.”  4th & 5th graders are in “The Tree House.”  Find out more about each area by clicking the links below.

The Grove
The Tree House