10 Years

Justin McTeer
November 6, 2016

10 Years

We celebrated our 10 year anniversary today! God has done some amazing things in that time. We took today to look back at what God has done, what He is currently doing and what He is going to continue doing here.

2 thoughts on “10 Years

  1. Will Venable says:


    Thank you for your message on the day of our 10 year celebration this past Sunday! My family and I are newcomers to His Hands, having only been in attendance now for a little over one month. We’ve loved every visit and haven’t missed a single Sunday or Wednesday yet. I have really appreciated your weekly messages and I really can’t say enough about your skillful mix of Godly insight and effective humor :^)

    I really love the concept of a ‘Tree of Life’ church! Mr. Yoder’s painting of God’s Tree is now in a prominent place in my office at the center of my favorite collection of family portraits on my wall. Thanks to His Hands for sharing this painting with all of us and a special thanks to Mr. Yoder and his talented hands for his beautiful contributions!

    The Tree of Life metaphor is very intriguing and special to me personally because of my eschatological beliefs:

    I believe Genesis is the account of ‘Eden lost’ and Revelation is the account of ‘Eden restored’. I believe that access to God’s life giving tree was not restored prior to what is commonly referred to as the second coming when the Seed of Eve crushed the head of the serpent and established God’s immovable spiritual Kingdom.

    I believe that prominent modern futurist eschatological beliefs block sincere followers of Jesus from their fullest access to God’s life giving tree which is there for them to enjoy because of prophetic fulfillment. Furthermore, futurist eschatological beliefs actually shape dangerous national policies that treat modern day Israel as if it is still God’s ‘kingdom of this world’ when Jesus plainly said that his kingdom was NOT of this world 2000 years ago.

    The subject of the Bible’s ‘time of the end’ is an important subject. I’d love to hear your thoughts and compare your notes on Mark 13 you recently prepared. You had prepared those notes this past Wednesday but said in your class that you didn’t like them? I don’t fully know your reasons for changing class direction last Wednesday, but I definitely find myself careful, if not publicly reticent, about open discussion of eschatology. It’s is clear to me now that we have only muddled the subject over the last couple of millenia :^(

    I am so disappointed and saddened that Susan has died. I regret not having visited His Hands sooner so I could have met her, especially since I remember watching Susan and Steve on a His Hands website video roughly 7 or 8 years ago. I think I remember hearing on the video that they were former students of my alma mater Florida College and I had decided then that I wanted to meet them.

    I very much enjoyed Steve’s video addition to your inspiring words on Sunday and look forward to meeting you!


    Will Venable

  2. Will Venable says:

    Dear Moderator,

    My apologies. I’m a dufus. I didn’t realize my previous message was potentially a public post! :^(

    Please keep my earlier post from being published and forward it to Justin if you would!



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