Looking Forward

3 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  1. Jackie Garrett says:

    This was one of the best messages I have ever heard from the pulpit, anywhere and at anytime in my 64 year life. Justin’s authenic love of the word and the insight he gives us is a great blessing. Thank God for His Hands and for this annointed leader.

  2. Sari Eliza says:

    You’re wrong on one thing: the weather isn’t as nice as you think it is! The drought’s been getting worse, and the humidity’s rather low. Had a bad cold earlier, but I think I keep coughing because smoke from wildfires up north are blowing into Atlanta and Athens. You said so yourself: Georgia’s the state where the weather’s always wrong. And now this recent weather could bring fires into cities! Why was stating the election more important than the current drought crisis?

    1. Justin McTeer says:

      Because the church isn’t called to change the weather, but we are called to be bringers of peace and love to a world gripped by hate and fear.

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