Move When God Makes It Clear

One thought on “Move When God Makes It Clear

  1. Kim Caldwell says:

    This was amazing!!!❤ I just want to say I missed this message because I had to go out of town to help my sister who’s daughter has just begun dialysis. My husband Jerry went to church for the first time by himself because Justin said you can’t miss this message, he truly had never ever gone alone. So this is what happened; as soon as church was over he called and said you have to listen to this message I think Justin was talking to me! Well I was busy and he kept on all week for some reason I couldn’t find the pod cast but yesterday we talked about whether we should become foster parents, we have done it before years ago which is a long story but we have had a lot of life changes one of which is we both lost our jobs and our home now we live in our daughter and her husbands home. We feel strongly that we should become foster parents again and have recently been house hunting. Our prayer needs are that we find a home soon so we can do this! We know God will guide us because we both feel he’s leading us in this direction. In the meantime we would like to attend the training and we didn’t get the dates. If possible could you please send them to us? Thank you and God bless!!!❤ We love our His Hands family!!!❤

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